Welcome from Mr Xavier Bettel, Mayor of Luxembourg City

  • The City of Luxembourg, the capital of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, is the business center and a platform for European activities. True to its commitment to Europe, Luxembourg is now the headquarter of many European institutions, including the European Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, the European Investment Bank, and a large part of the Secretariat of the European Parliament and certain services of the European Commission. Along with that, the city occupies a leading position for companies and international organizations which set their headquarters in Luxembourg. The city has been able to develop in recent decades and has become, with over 150 banks, one of the most important financial centers in the world.

    Being an important decision-making center, Luxembourg attracts people from every corner of the globe. A great number of expats have chosen to make Luxembourg their home, being drawn to the city by the easy and relaxed environment and high quality of life. Indeed, Luxembourg is among the safest cities in the world with a very low crime rate and very little social movements, compared to other European capitals.

    The attractiveness and favorable geographical location in the heart of Europe has made the capital exceed the mark of 100,000 inhabitants, a population composed of 67% foreigners representing 153 nationalities. Many foreigners from Belgium, France and Germany choose to work here and the increasing number of foreigners who come to visit, work, live in Luxembourg contributes to the development and vitality of the city and to its “multiplicity” character.

    All these different aspects make Luxembourg an ideal venue for International events, offering modern ideal conference facilities, excellent hotel accommodations, professional event organisers and a wide range of associated services, all located in a multicultural and multi-faceted environment.

    It is an honor for the City of Luxembourg to host the 24th EAHM Congress in 2013, and I am convinced that it will be a successful and memorable event for all its participants.

    Xavier Bettel - copyright Hervé Montaigu

    Mr Xavier Bettel
    Bourgmestre de la Ville de Luxembourg

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