Our sincere thanks for your participation to the 24th EAHM Congress

  • 4 February 2014 at 10:00
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    The 24th EAHM Congress is behind us. On behalf of the European Association of Hospital Managers and the Luxembourgish Hospital Federation, we would like to thank everyone who attended the congress, our special guests and dedicated partners. These were superb days in Luxembourg with a wonderful audience.

    Over 400 directors and managers from hospitals all over Europe met on 28 and 29 of November 2013 to look for ways to combine efficiency and quality in healthcare as well as economic constraints. On the first day, Mr. Paul Junck, President of the Luxembourgish Hospital Federation (FHL) and Mr. Heinz Kolking, President of the European Association of Hospital Mangers (EAHM), opened the two day congress of the EAHM around the theme “Hospital Management in Times of Crisis: Constraints, Challenges & Opportunities”.

    The Luxembourgish officials were also present. Mr. Xavier Bettel, Mayor of Luxembourg City and Prime Minister (since 3rd of December 2013), mentioned the challenges that the healthcare sector is facing and the necessity to intensify the cross border cooperation. Mr. Mars di Bartolomeo, the Minister of Health and Social Security, reminded the specificities of Luxembourg and stressed the importance that doctors take part to the sustainability of the health care system by adopting a pragmatic approach when providing care to the patient.

    Mr. Joel de Rosnay, the keynote speaker, invited participants to more flexibility: “hospitals have to move from a rigid structure to a flexible organisation where information can be traceable and available through networks”.

    Various presentations of 16 speakers, and 3 panel discussions enhanced the necessity to think globally by involving both, patient and medical & care units into the strategy. Key success factors are: positive spirit, good communication, proactive and innovative approach. We are delighted that the audience took and active part in the discussions and could take many useful ideas and suggestions away with them.

    Beyond this congress, the European Association of Hospital Managers will analyse the results and set new objectives and actions to ensure that hospital managers concerns and constraints are taken into account in European legislation. Besides, the association will continue to develop the IMPO model (Inputs -Management – Process – Outcomes), which was presented and adopted on the 27 November 2013 as the “Luxembourg declaration”.

    Once again, many thanks and our best wishes to you all!

    Mr. Heinz Kolking, President EAHM Brussels & Mr. Paul Junck, President FHL Luxembourg

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    PowerPoint downloads of the lectures, posters, articles and photo gallery of the all congress events are available on our website : http://eahm-luxembourg2013.lu till the 30 April 2014.

    The 25th EAHM Congress will be organised by EKVD in Berlin on 11 & 12 September 2014. We look forward to seeing you all there!