• FHL was founded in 1948 and since 1965, has existed as a not-for-profit legal entity (asbl). Luxembourg Hospital Federation – “Fédération des Hôpitaux Luxembourgeois (FHL)” focuses on defending the professional interests of Luxembourg hospitals and facilitating all types of progress in hospitals, especially patient welfare.

    FHL plays a key role in providing support to the hospital sector, advising on the challenges it faces. Moreover, it works alongside its member institutions with the participation of all health care stakeholders and puts emphasis on quality of services in the interest of the patients.

    The activities of the FHL are very diverse and include areas ranging from ad hoc assistance for matters related to law, economic analysis, budget negotiations, hospital statistics, IT, medical physics, energy management and issues related to safety, hygiene, quality, norms, etc.

    The FHL negotiates also a collective labor agreement with the trade unions for employees of hospitals and runs an occupational health service.

    The FHL generates part of this work in partnership with the National Health Insurance and various other institutions in Luxembourg. In recent years, FHL is also committed to setting up appropriate training programs for hospital managers. In this global context, the FHL has developed an intense activity through committees and workshops with active participation of multidisciplinary actors from hospitals and outside guests. The FHL is also active in working groups in ministries and
    other official institutions.

    FHL represents Luxembourg hospitals and hospital managers in the international hospital institutions.

    Mr. Paul Junck
    President FHL Luxembourg (L)

    Mr. Marc Hastert
    General Secretary FHL Luxembourg (L)

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