• The European Association of Hospital Managers was founded in 1970. It is a supranational union consisting of 28 large hospital-management associations in 25 European countries, representing over 16,000 members.

    EAHM is one of the largest hospital management associations in the world. It represents hospital managers and senior employees from public and private hospitals of the European Union and at international level as well. EAHM strictly and exclusively serves the interests of the public. It does not serve any political, economic or religious interests. Focusing on building the European society, EAHM processes and forwards proposals for the hospital sectors to the European authorities. It cooperates with the health care industry.

    The main objectives of EAHM are:

    • Develop professional competency and sense of responsibility amongst hospital managers and senior employees,
    • Promote a mutual development of hospital systems in European countries as a basis to build a social Europe – in public health management,
    • Influence European legislation regarding the hospital sector, and
    • Collectively represent the profession of hospital management and its interests within the scope of the competent European and international organizations

    Mr. Heinz Kolking
    President EAHM Brussels (B)

    Mr. Willy Heuschen
    General Secretary EAHM Brussels (B)(L)

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