Poster Awards

  • This year, the proposed topic at the 24th EAHM Congress was: “RESTRICTING MEANS WHILE IMPROVING CLINICAL PATIENT OUTCOMES, YES WE CAN !“, linked to the theme of the 24th EAHM Congress, being “HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT IN TIMES OF CRISIS: Constraints, challenges and opportunities”.

    During the 24th EAHM Congress a jury of experts led by Mr Willy Heuschen (General Secretary of EAHM Brussels) judged the posters. From the 26 posters submitted, 17 were selected for the competition and prizes. The best 3 posters were granted respectively €3000, €2000, €1000 to stimulate professionals and researchers in their work.


    1st prize: Euro 3000.-
    Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) :
    “La clinique monothématique de l’Obésité au Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg : une approche managériale pour réduire les coûts tout en améliorant les résultats cliniques pour les patients”

    2nd prize: Euro 2000.-
    Labor Berlin – Charité Vivantes GmbH, Germany :
    “Investment in Rapid on Demand Screening for MRSA and Immediate Isolation of MRSA Positive Patients Reduces Overall Hospital Costs in a German Emergency Hospital”

    3rd prize: Euro 1000.-
    Instituto Clinico Humanitas (ICH)
    , Italy :
    “Improvement in Patient Management and Cost Savings Through the Use of a Clostridium difficile Real Time PCR Stand Alone Test in Acute Hospital Setting”


    The Selection Criteria for the Award Jury were:

    • The poster idea has to be original, innovative and methodologically sound
    • It has to connect to the topic of the poster award
    • The poster has to be adequately presented and discussed


    The Jury were assembled on Basis of the Following Criteria:

    • The jury is composed of hospital directors with a long track of experience and internationally distinguished researchers
      Several competencies and European countries have to be represented in the jury


    Selection Procedure:
    The applications were scored by each of the jury members on a 4-point scale (0=poor; 1=moderate; 2=good; 3=excellent) for:

    • their originality
    • relevance to hospital management
    • ability to be implemented by the hospital management
    • ability to transpose to other settings
    • (scientific) quality.


    The winner was the applicant with the highest score on overall quality (sum score of originality, relevance to hospital management and (scientific) quality.)

    The Congress organizators wished to stimulate posters as a communication medium and want to ensure the quality of poster presentations. For this reason all posters were pre-reviewed.